The Omni Sync Server is a completely free way to keep your Omni applications in sync with each other. Support is built-in to each app in a few different ways, but each is very easy to set up on Macs, iPads, and iPhones. You also use your Omni Account to sign in to OmniFocus for the Web (subscription required).

Is it secure?

We think that that would be an accurate thing to say, yes!

Communication to and from the server is encrypted using a secure HTTPS connection, just like the traffic between your computer and your online banking website. (Which is what people tend to compare themselves to when talking about security.)

We also encrypt data on the server.

How does sync work with each app?

  • For OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle for iOS, you decide which documents you want on the server, using OmniPresence.
  • For OmniFocus, your entire database syncs with the server, including Perspectives and important settings. You set it up once and changes are automatically pushed to the rest of your devices — and to OmniFocus for the Web.
  • OmniPlan Standard offers document syncing through OmniPresence, just like with OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle. In OmniPlan Pro, we sync your entire plan and all its changes so that you can collaborate with others. There’s more, too: read all about Publishing and Subscribing.

How does this compare to iCloud?

You can use iCloud for syncing files using Document Providers, a global file picker introduced in iOS 8. But that doesn’t cover everything, like OmniFocus syncing.

There’s a big advantage to using Omni Sync Server and OmniPresence, though.

When we developed Omni Sync Server and OmniPresence (as a feature), we wanted to focus on three things: open-source technologies, portability, and longevity. If you want all of your data under your control, you can set up your own WebDAV server. (Note, though, that the one thing this doesn’t work with is OmniFocus for the Web.) On a computer in your basement, on an Amazon server somewhere, or some Raspberry Pi in a cupboard in a shed. So even if something catastrophic happened to all of us at The Omni Group and the server cabinet bill wasn’t paid, you’d still be able to continue on. Not so if Apple shuttered iCloud for good.

Why is it free?

We started Omni Sync Server because we wanted to align our needs, goals, and customer expectations. At first, we weren’t sure if it would require a subscription or fee to make ends meet.

But we found out that a small, caffeinated team could get all the data to the right places. And quickly.

If we add some new feature that takes up a lot of processing power, a ton of storage, or delivers coffee every morning, we reserve the right to charge for it. But all functionality that you see right now is free, and we have no plans to start charging! (But note that the apps themselves, including OmniFocus for the Web, are not free.)

Can I pay you anyway?

We’re big fans of Drafts and Acorn.

Can I delete my account?

Yep! Email us and we’ll do just that. Your data will be deleted from the sync server, will then cease to exist in our daily backups, and then cease to exist in our weekly backups. (Which also means if you delete something accidentally, there’s a chance we can restore it. But that’s not a promise we’re comfortable making.)